The 1964 Telecaster sticks its neck out

neckFirst things first, under no circumstances have I been paid by or discounted by Atlantic Custom Guitars, but I wanted to give credit where it is due. I’ve been debating back and forth, about using a Fender Mexican Tele neck. They are good necks, but the nut is slightly narrower than the US guitars, so I did some research about necks, and glad I did. This is how I found Atlantic. He’s been doing this forever, getting out of building custom guitars but still selling parts. But not before he upgrades them.

You can buy basic necks for $100 to $150 (cheaper if you don’t mind Chinese boomerangs) but for less than $150, I got a neck that had the frets leveled and polished, and was ready to go. It already looks perfectly straight, or will with just a little string tension. Edges polished, everything. It is a WD neck, American, and has the 1 11/16ths nut width. He even installed a nice nut and cut it down a bit, although I will have to trim it down just a hair after it is installed, that is pretty standard.

Clicking the photo gives you a high res, I just have it setting there, no staging, but I think the rosewood will look better than maple for this project. Thanks again to James, who delivered one hell of a neck at one hell of a value. I hope you keep selling necks and parts for many years to come, friend.