Sealed up tighter than a drum


Finally got the 1964 Telecaster sealed. In my defense, it has been a crazy year. Used the Solarez wood sealer, which ended up being a big easier than I thought. I kind of did it the wrong way (as usual) by applying with a lint free cloth as thin as I could get it, but it worked like a charm. Used two layers per the instructions by Gary, although one was almost enough by itself. Thick stuff, I didn’t heat it, and literally put in on with a lint free cloth. I don’t recommend you do this method, but I always do it the wrong way for testing.

If you remember from the posts before, this particular piece of wood started out white as a ghost. After a number of days of aging, plus sealing, now it has a beautiful, warm glow to it. Looks worn in yet never played, and I’ve still yet to put on the actual finish, which should gloss it up nicely. I expect to use a very thin couple of coats, I don’t mind if this one ages with some wear and tear, like you would expect from nitrocellulose, although this finish is so hard, it probably would take years to get it to thin. For both the aging and the curing, I used the SG-1-40 (SG4) 4 foot lamps. They worked flawlessly, and I’m quite happy with the result. Cure times for each thin coat was under 10 minutes, and that was using a really ancient rig and old lamps.

Click on the picture for a very large closeup. The flaws still show, which is fine. We are aiming for a raw but finished look, not something that looks stamped out of a factory. I think we will achieve it with this combination. I bought yet another neck, and will post something on it soon.

You might notice the lack of sealer in the pickup cavities, I just gave it a swipe. This is because they will be sealed off with copper foil anyway, no need to make the hidden parts pretty. It also shows the difference between sealed and not sealed, as the sealer is part of why it takes on a golden hue (I swear I did this on purpose, particularly in the neck slot). I’m good about shielding the entire guitar, and this one will be tricky due to the parts that I’m planning on using. All this has nothing to do with UV curing, but it is still part of the job, and a pretty guitar that squeals is useless. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to finishing, but I do know how to shield a guitar against all but military radar 😉