2014 Fender Nashville


I’ve been looking for one of these for some time now, the Nashville Deluxe with ash body, which means a Honey Blonde finish as the others are alder bodies. To find one cheap enough used, I had to buy it blind, but once it got here, I have to say I’m not disappointed. It is in perfect condition and the ash slabs seem to line up nicely. This is another I expect to strip then age down, again showing what can be done with ash, but this time on a pre-existing body. To be honest, it is cheaper to buy the whole guitar and strip it down rather than buy it in parts, so it makes financial sense. If you are looking to refinish a solid color and use a UV cure over the color, then the ash and aging doesn’t really matter, but for this demonstration, it does. It will probably be late next year before I can get around to this project, but wanted to just tease you a bit.

And yes, I love the Nashville guitar. Mexican made, but has the three pickups and the wider US style neck, at 1 11/16ths inch. I expect to also swap out some hardware and pickups as well, just to make it a fun little guitar. UV curing shouldn’t be this fun 🙂