Monthly Archives: February 2015

Winter Update

One of the reasons I moved to North Carolina over two decades ago was the weather. NC gets just a little bit of winter, but is pretty nice year round. This was a good theory, as this year has been lots of ice, and a freak snow storm added an hour and half to what is normally a pleasant commute. I’m guessing many of you are going through the same thing this year. But I digress.

I’ve been tied up with all kinds of activity, including working with National Guitar, who is testing some of our lamps for high volume production curing. Of course, you musicians know they make the finest resonator guitars, but they also make a huge variety of guitar parts for other companies, right here in the USA. I’m hoping we can dial in a system that works well for them, as we would be proud to have National as a customer.

I haven’t done much on the Telecaster lately due to a sheer lack of time. I’ve moved, plus the business is busy, plus I still help my partner Rick with his business this time of year, as it is the “busy season”. Too many things going on at one time.

I did manage to get some incredible feedback on our Universal UV lamps for cannabis. One customer (a licensed grower/provider in his state) has a high quality setup and uses pure sativa strains. He has a friend who also has virtually the same setup, and they use the same clones. A perfect control study. He was running six of the Universal UVs with 1000w of metal halide, slightly heavier than most people but well within tolerances. He told me that just looking at the buds, there was an obvious different, way more trichome production, more total resin and more aroma (terpenes). In a blind test, he provided to some patients without saying they had a special process, and they asked HIM what he had done different. The potency was clearly much higher. As that is the specific medicine they were going for, he considered it a huge success.

I’ve yet to ever hear anyone say that the Universal (or SG1 lamp) didn’t make a huge difference. If you’ve been putting off trying them, really, the evidence is simply too strong to ignore and the price vs. reward is through the roof. Now is the time.