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Epiphone 339

Been a fun and busy week.  I aged down a couple of guitar, including a cheap Rogue and an Epiphone 339, their take on the parent company’s (Gibson) mid-sized, old school favorite.  I was very pleased with the results.  I just did a couple of days worth of UV, just enough to make the grain come through and add some warmth to the guitar.  Much more pleasing to the eye.  See the pictures and read more at 

2018 So far – New products for cannabis growers

One of the disadvantages of owning your own business is that you never have enough time to do everything you want to. This includes writing on the blog.

A lot has happened in the last six months. We have a new dealer in the UK, and Dave will be taking care of all our European sales. (more on that later, we just shipped him lamps). We will still handle Canadian orders by phone of course. Things are going well, and I’m grateful.

We came out with a new lamp, the Super B, which bridges the gap between the mild but safe Universal UV and the most powerful UVB lamp on the planet, the Flower Power. We are getting a lot of those out in the field right now and have some interesting preliminary results. One customer compared them to the Hortilux UVB lamp and his equipment showed the Super B put out 5x more UVB while using 40% less electricity. I would like to think we make good products, and efficiency is part of it. Considering they are designed to only run 4 hours or so per day, that means we are in the neighborhood of being 10 to 20 times more energy efficient. I’m sure their lamp is a find product, but they make lots of fine products. We only make UV products and have for decades. No one can touch our power, efficiency or results.

We are about to order some 2 foot Flower Power bulbs, mainly for OEM uses. Many LED builders need something that will run with a 600w equivalent light, and two of the 24″ Flower Power bulbs are more than up for the task. More on that once we get the prototypes and test them.

Dennis Brown