Curing through an existing finish

As you know, I’m working on my own version of the 1964 Fender Telecaster, and have baked the body to a golden brown thanks to the SG-1-40 lamps. When I got the new neck in, I loved everything about it, except it looks too new. The problem is, it already has a thin finish on on, and I’m really not up to stripping it down because the neck feels great like it is. I know from experience that thick finishes are really difficult to age through, but was hopeful this thin finish would be easy. And it seems it is. I’ve aged the back of this neck about 20 hours at low power with the Solacure SG-1-40 lamps, then pealed back the sticker that covers the burned in logo you can see what a difference it makes.


Suffice it to say, this is very doable for anyone. The neck doesn’t have a gloss finish, just a base finish, so remember that a gloss finish will take a lot longer. I’ve got less than a day invested and getting this kind of result, so I expect to put 4 or 5 days into both sides, just to knock the frosty white off of it so it will match the swamp ash body.

I’m funny about necks, I don’t care for super white or “too new” looking, but I’m also lazy enough to find the easiest way, and I’m pretty sure this is it. I would imagine the Universal UV lamps would accomplish similar results, although not quite as fast. Anyway, I literally just left the studio and wanted to share this.

UV aging a guitar neck
(Note that I do not usually put the rig on it’s side, but it was already like that for another project, so I decided to test it that way. After a day, I put it back level with the table. Easier that way.)