Fender Telecaster Prototype #2 begins

Prototype Telecaster #2Here’s the before shot of the Fender Telecaster Prototype #2. I bought a couple of these bodies about a year ago, made out of 100 year old barn wood, so there is some street cred to them. The control plate is just like Leo Fender’s first prototype, although it is aluminum. I’m not sure what Leo used, might have been aluminum as well. The pickguard is an old LP record, so that is authentic to the original. I don’t show it here, but I added a generic vintage bridge plate, something that looks somewhat similar to what Leo would have used. And now the aging begins. This one will be aged with the hardware on, to show the difference before and after, and to make it look more authentic. This one already has some color, and is made from very different looking pine boards, so will have an even rougher look when completed.

The plan is to age it fairly well, up to a week on each side, but using my lower power rig (8 lamps x 32w each), hardware on. Then I’m going to test some new stain on some blank wood, what is called “Picking stain”, which looks kind of like white wash. It should show the wood through the white finish, but you never know until you try. The original Telecaster was painted white, so this isn’t completely original, but the “white blonde” look is still a popular finish. I expect to finish it off with just a coat or two of UV cure sealer, no hard finish, so the real sound comes through. This will let it breath and continue to age. I may just prewire it with some decent electronics and sell it off to a lucky buyer once I’m done. I can’t keep them all, and unique projects like this should be actually used by musicians.