High technology reflectors

Perhaps a bit of hyperbole on my part when choosing the title, but this does prove a point. Often, I’m curing something that is as wide as my light rig, and I need the cheat and get the sides as well. I’ve talked to a number of people who have designed high tech solutions, but I still just use aluminum foil from Walmart. Just be sure to use the shiny side, not the dull side.

Typically, you get about 50% efficiency, but that isn’t bad when you are looking at a 10 minute cure, it just doubles the time to 20 minutes. Considering it takes less than 30 seconds to put into place, and you can easily tell if you have it aimed right by how bright the sides are, it costs less in time than building something fancy. If you use it all the time, then gluing the foil to a cardboard or plywood panel makes sense, but as you can see, I use mine like a parabola (dish) and not a flat surface. This increases the effectiveness in a noticeable fashion, the way a magnifying glass increases the intensity of the sun. You are just doing it in one axis instead of two.

You might recognize the guitar, it is one that I over-sanded on and I worked it back most of the way to original. It is a rough looking critter made from 100 year old barn pine, and should make an interesting ax. I’m using the Solarez sealer (yes, sealer) over the regular finish to get a thin coating, so it won’t modify the sound. Now I just need some pickups for it, shield the guitar, find a spare neck around here, and plug it in.

This is a product I’m cheating on. I bought an inexpensive but very good looking 12 string electric, and I’m doing a number of upgrades, including all electronics and such. I’m also upgrading the logo (although I would never misrepresent it when selling it). Sanded down, cured the sealer in just a few minutes, will make a great base for the new water slide logo, then a coat or two on top. Easy peasy.