Oops #97 or so

I’m not sure if I’ve shown this body yet, I’ve been curing it a very long time, getting it really dark. Half this dark is normal oxidation, to be honest, but the other half was mainly from testing the Universal UV. I put thin coat on, but it was lumpy (I am a rookie), but in sanding, I got too aggressive and bit way into the guitar, passed the aged section. This kind of ruins the whole prefect aging thing I had planned. (click on the photo for a much better closeup)


I did learn a lesson though. Aging, whether it is from the natural sun or UV lights, is still only skin deep and easy to ruin a finish if you get in too big of a rush. Thankfully, I learned this on a pine body Tele that I got cheap. If I had done this on a $500 Warmoth custom body, I would be crying in my beer right now, because all I could do is strip and sand and start over, which isn’t easy with wood darkening because it does penetrate deeper than regular finish.

I have a couple of different pickguards to mask it after I age some of that back in, or and I can just consider it a relic piece, so again, no biggie for me. Your project is probably a lot nicer than a $50 pine body bought off eBay, however, so be careful! It was amazingly easy to make this mistake, at least for me.