Spring update

I haven’t been very good about updating this spring, but it isn’t because I haven’t been busy. Two new prototype lamps have shown up on my door, including one that I’m confident to be going into production, a four foot version of the 6 foot long SG-1. These are the green lamps, 1.5″ in diameter and can put out about twice the UVA as our standard lamps, making them perfect for curing. This is due in part to having some UVB in the perfect bands to speed up curing and make the finish cure from the bottom up.

These use the same phosphor blend as our original cannabis/marijuana growing lamp, which is unusual since you would think that curing and growing require two different phosphor blends (and usually do). It has to do with the glass, Sol Glass to be specific, which lets us produce UV in a range that no other lamp can, and which happens to be extremely effective for stressing the plant using significantly lower amounts of UVB. It works smarter instead of harder. This phosphor blend has actually been tested by a number of medicinal dispensaries and has produced increases in THC well over 20% when compared to control plants. I’m designing a new version of this phosphor as we speak, one that will be tailored specifically for growing only, with significantly higher UVB so it can be placed farther from the plants, thus cover a greater area. While they will be more expensive per lamp, this will save you a lot of money in fixtures and lamps since you will need less of them. Obviously this would work great for all plants, not just cannabis.

I will update with some photos later, but know that we have some very cool stuff coming soon for wood aging, curing AND horticulture. Stay tuned!